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National Association of Christian Ministers forms International Strategic Alliance in Ministry

We are pleased to announce a landmark in our organization’s history. After careful prayer and consideration, we believe the Holy Spirit is directing an international strategic alliance between the National Association of Christian Ministers (USA) and the Freewater World Institute of Pastoral Ministry (Nigeria). This is the first time that our organization has ever formed such a relationship with another ministry.

What is a strategic alliance?

We are glad that you asked -(humor intended). An international strategic alliance between ministries is when:

  • Two or more ministries determine that they have very similar organizational goals,
  • And are located in two different countries,
  • And they believe that they can increase their effectiveness by working together to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Therefore, while maintaining their independence as separate organizations, the align their efforts to share in the labor and harvest of souls.

What is the Freewater World Institute of Pastoral Ministry?


This is a school in Nigeria which is dedicated to providing tuition-free training for men and women who have callings to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The school was established by Brother Freewater after hearing the vision that God gave him to make such a thing possible for free. Last year he connected with the NACM and had the school chartered by us. Then he told us more about the necessity of his graduates needing ordination. However, there was a dilemma because most of them do not have computers; thereby, making it near impossible for them to undergo our membership and ordination processes.

After hearing this, we began to form a strategy to expand our reach so that this need could be met. From there, Brother Freewater invited Exec. Elders Michael Mooney and Greg Roberson to visit the school for a week, hold leadership training workshops, and enjoy the honor of being guests for the 2013 graduation.


While there, the Holy Spirit began to speak to the leadership in a mighty way, and to make it clear that He was bringing us together for a purpose. After much prayer and thought, the following strategy is now being implemented by this announcement.

  • 1. Brother Freewater has been appointed an Elder with the National Association of Christian Ministers, to serve in Nigeria.
  • 2. He holds many responsibilities in this role, but one of the more interesting ones is that he personally visits pastors who contact us from Nigeria seeking membership, services, etc. Unfortunately, many thieves have used the name of Nigeria to deceive good-hearted people. This is shameful because the Nigerian people are a great culture, with mighty men and women of God who should not be tagged with the reputation of those who do evil. Brother Freewater is able to verify this distinction for our American membership.
  • 3. He has been granted the authority to recognize graduates from the Freewater World Institute of Pastoral Ministry with ordination from the National Association of Christian Ministers -at his discretion. Then he provides their names to our administration for our registration records.
  • 4. Those who pass his scrutiny are provided with a free certificate of ordination from the NACM at graduation.


We are excited to see the work that our King Jesus has in store for this new branch of unity in ministry. With this announcement, we now present to the Freewater World Institute of Pastoral Ministry (Nigeria) the following award to serve as an indication to the public of our intentions to assist one another in ministry.



National Association of Christian Ministers Honored in The New York Times


Ordained minister Aloja Aigbokhan Airewele, a licensed minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers was mentioned in The New York Times as the selected wedding officiant of Mojoyin Onijala and Aderemi Jacobs.

The Bride, Aderemi Jacobs is a graduate of Columbia University, and holds a Master of Laws in public international law from the London School of Economics.  

Her father is an ambassador, the state chief of protocol to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria. And previously chargé d’affaires at the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest. 

Her Grandfather, Wole Soyinka, is the Nigerian playwright and poet who received the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature.


You may read the entire story on The New York Times Web site at: